Math Tutor in Gambir – Private Tutoring – Teacher of Mathematics for IB and Cambridge Curriculum

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Private Tutoring Mathematics in Gambir – Private tutoring math teacher came to the home of the student. Private Mathematics Teacher for International Curriculum. Private Mathematics in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, South Tangerang, Bekasi, Bintaro, BSD, Cibubur, and surrounding areas.

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Matrix Tutoring provides Mathematics teachers and other subjects for curriculum:

# 1. Cambridge International Examinations

  • Primary (grades 1-6)
  • Lower Secondary (grade 7-8)
  • AS Level
  • A Level

# 2. International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Primary Years Program (PYP)
  • Middle Years Program (MYP)
  • Diploma Program (DP) Standard Level or Higher level

# 3. Singapore Curriculum

  • Primary
  • Lower Secondary
  • GCSE O Level
  • A level

# 4. Indonesian Curriculum

  • 2013 curriculum
  • KTSP
  • National Examination (UN)
  • Selection College Entrance (SBMPTN)

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We serve private lessons for:

1. One student one teacher

2. Group (one teacher teaches more than 1 student)

Matrix Tutoring is an institution providing private tutoring services for kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, college student, and general for the areas of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, South Tangerang, Bekasi and surrounding areas.

Matrix Private Teachers are students and graduates from UI, UGM, ITB, IPB, STAN, STIS, UNJ, SSE, UIN and various other best universities that have experience, are selected, trained and directed to teach according to specialization in mastered fields.

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Matrix Tutoring Program:

  • Private Tutoring for Kindergarten (TK)
  • Private Tutoring for Elementary School (SD, Grade 1-6)
  • Private Tutoring for Junior High School (SMP, Grade 7-9)
  • Private Tutoring for High School (SMA, Grade 10-12)
  • Private Tutoring for International Curriculum (IB, Cambridge, Singapore)
  • Private Tutoring for National Examination (UN)
  • Private Tutoring for College Entrance Exam (SBMPTN, SIMAK UI, SIMAK KKI UI, UTUL UGM, etc.)
  • Private Foreign Language Lesson (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, German, French)
  • Quran Tutoring
  • Private Computer Lesson at Home
  • Learn Indonesian Language For Forigner

Based on the subjects required by students, Matrix Tutoring is ready to send private tutors for subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economy, Accounting, History, Geography, Sociology, English, Indonesian, etc.

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 Why do you have to consider Matrix Tutoring?

  1. All of our tutors are experienced and mastered the subjects material in IB or CIE.
  2. Our tutor are the best students and graduates from the University of Indonesia (UI), UGM, ITB, IPB, and others best universities.
  3. Our tutor have experience of teaching International curriculum
  4. Our tutor have experience as Upper Secondary or IB Diploma tutor for years
  5. Tutorial is explained in English language (For International Curriculum)
  6. Personalized and Customized Curriculum
  7. Tutor comes to your house
  8. Parents gets Progress Report
  9. We ensure students are matched with just the right tutor.
  10. Ease of payment via transfer

IB Tutorial Program Consist of:

  • Primary Years Programme (PYP) : Language, Sosial Science, Mathematics, Science. Other subject such as personal education, we don’t provided it.
  • Middle Years Programme (MYP) : Mathematics, Science,Technology, foeign languange (English, Germany, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic). Other subject such as art, we don’t provided it.
  • Diploma Programme (DP): Mathematics and Computer science, foreign languge (English, Germany, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic), Science Practicum. Other subject such as art, we don’t provided it.

CIE Tutorial Program Consist of:

  • Cambridge International Primary Program (CIPP): Mathematics, English, Science.
  • Lower Secondary Program: Mathematics, English, Science, and prepare to take IGCSE or O Level
  • Middle Secondary: prepare for IGCSE and O Level Exam
  • Upper Secondary : prepare to take A Level Exam


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Our Student come from:

  • Universitas Indonesia,
  • Binus University,
  • Prasetiya Mulya Bussiness School,
  • The University of Nottingham,
  • Binus International School,
  • Sekolah Pelita Harapan International (SPHI),
  • The Gandhi Memorial International School (GMIS Jakarta),
  • British International School (BIS),
  • Jakarta International School (JIS),
  • Australian International School (AIS),
  • Raffles International Christian School (RICS),
  • Global Jaya International School (GJIS),
  • Sekolah Tiara Bangsa (STB – ACS) International,
  • ACG International School,’
  • New Zealand International School (NZIS),
  • Doha British School,
  • Sekolah Global Mandiri,
  • Sekolah Madania,
  • SMA Lazuardi GIS Depok,
  • SMA Labschool,
  • Sekolah Santa Theresia,
  • Homeschooling Kak Seto
  • Morning Star Academy,
  • SMA BPK Penabur,
  • SMA 8,
  • etc.

Student Registration (Registrasi Siswa)

For your convenience, we serve registration via telephone, sms, wa, online and email. Here are the details:

  • For students who enroll from international schools, please contact Ms. LINDA at 0857 4728 1466
  • Email:

Please, fill in the registration form according to the format below:

“Format Student Registration” dan “Example Student Registration”]

  • Student’s Name :
    Student Phone Number :
    Student’s School :
    Subject You Want to Learn :
    Scheduling :
    Tutor Preference: 
    Parents name :
    Parent’s Phone Number :
    Email :
    Additional Note : 
  • Student’s Name : Rosa
    Student Phone Number : 0857 0857 0857
    Grade/Level/Curiculum: Primary Years Program / IB
    Student’s School : ACG International School
    Subject You Want to Learn : Math and Science
    Scheduling : Monday 16.00 Math, Wednesday 18.30 Science,
    Tutor Preference: Female
    Parents name : Angela
    Parent’s Phone Number : 0817 0817 0817
    Email :
    Address: Jalan Pasar Minggu Raya 5 No xx Jakarta Selatan
    Additional Note : I want a patient teacher, smart to communicate with others.

Send your registration via WhatsApp (WA) to 0857 4728 1466 or email: with the subject “STUDENT REGISTRATION”

  • Fill Online Form Registration
    You can also register online at the following link: ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM. After registration data is received, we will confirm as soon as possible regarding the tutor profile and the first schedule the private teacher comes to your home. We are ready to work for the best for you.
For further questions, you can contact via CALL / Whatsapp (WA) to:
  • Ms. LINDA 
    Phone/WA : 0857 4728 1466 

MATRIX is Always Ready for You!

Warm Regards,
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Matrix priority to quality and satisfaction.

Math Tutor – Private Tutoring – Teacher of Mathematics for IB and Cambridge Curriculum

Matrix Tutoring provides private tutoring services for the areas of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, South Tangerang, Bekasi, Bintaro, Cibubur and BSD.  Be sure to choose the best private tutoring for your children. Matrix Tutoring is ready to provide the best support for you. We are ready to help improve student achievement.